About Us

Our Story

Winding Snake aims to open up the experience of making animation and of developing media literacy skills to people and communities across Wales. In practical terms, this means taking the latest digital equipment into any location in Wales in order to work with a broad cross-section of people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, although in particular, we work with young people. Our track record in community film making has gained us an international reputation, and our films have been featured and won awards at film festivals across the world.

We run a diverse range of workshops, training, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions in film making, animation, media literacy for teaching staff, and for businesses outside of the creative sector. For more information about this see the section on Workshops and Training. We can also help you with Project Management, offering bespoke support in project planning and fundraising.


Our Values and Policies

We work according to our values:

Ethical: Winding Snake Productions aim to be ethical and accountable in our practice. We seek to contribute to social justice and be respectful of the environment, and the individuals, communities, and organisations we work with.

Progressive: We like to stay abreast of new technologies, concepts, and trends and use them to benefit our projects and respond to the interests of our project participants.

Professional: All project staff at Winding Snake Productions are qualified, experienced, highly skilled, and very approachable industry professionals.

Open: We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy our services and we design our projects to be inclusive and accessible to participants.

Wholehearted: We are always enthusiastic about the work that we do, and are mindful of the feedback we get in order to continue improving and developing the services we offer.

Our Policies

We have a number of policies in place to support our work, including:

  • Protection of children and vulnerable adults
  • Health and safety
  • Welsh language
  • Environment
  • Equal opportunities
  • All our workshop leaders have advanced DBS clearance
  • We also hold public liability and employer’s liability certification.

If you wish to see our full list of policies CONTACT US 

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