Sometimes in high winds we can get blown off course. Hiraeth, and the inevitability of growing up become two opposing forces for Cati and her Dad. Now in pre production.


Produced By:
Amy Morris
Animated By:
Lleucu Non
Written By:
Nico Dafydd

Year: In production

With support from
Ffilm Cymru, BFI NETWork, BBC Wales

Film Synopsis

Holm is a colaboration between producer Amy Morris, writer Nico Dafydd and animator Lleucu Non; funded by Ffilm Cymru and BFI NETWORK through the Beacons scheme.

Holm is a film created from a dual perspective and set in the epic coastal landscape of Pembrokeshire. It explores the transformative journey of Cati, a young woman entering her first year of university, delving into the depths of adulthood, and of Dad managing the complex set of emotions around his daughter’s next steps. Through the lens of her profound relationship with her father and their shared passion for rescuing lost Manx Shearwater birds, the film captures the essence of personal growth, the comfort of home, and the differing challenges faced by both Cati and Dad, during their transition into independence. 


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