The Female Voice

A Welsh animated short about queer love, fear and a boat made of leaves.

The Female Voice

Produced By:
Amy Morris
Directed By:
Tash Horton and Amy Morris
Animation By:
Efa Blosse Mason

Year: 2019

With support from 
WOW, Womens Film Club,
Welsh Government, First Campus

Film Synopsis

The Female Voice is a documentary film created by award winning producer Amy Morris, made with funding from the Welsh Government to mark the centenary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act. 

100 years since some women first gained the right to vote in the UK, filmmakers from Wales spent time in 2018, investigating the modern Welsh women’s movement.

Led by Amy, Cardiff based documentary filmmaker Tash Horton and animation director Efa Blosse-Mason, worked with the Go Girls group and the WOW Women's Film Club to find out just how far the battle for equality has come in Wales. Using questions prepared by the Go Girls during a series of educational workshops, prominent Welsh women were asked about their experiences or living, loving and working in Wales.