A Moment Longer

On a wet and windy, Welsh winter night, a lone woman escapes for a moment and is lost in a steaming bowl of spicy noodles.

A Moment Longer

Produced By:
Amy Morris
Directed By:
Nia Morris & Efa Blosse-Mason
Animated By:
Efa Blosse-Mason &
Paolo Russo
Music By:
R. Seiliog
Edited By:
Glen Biseker

Year: 2021

With support from
Arts Council of Wales

Film Synopsis

On a cold Welsh winter night, a young woman takes the time to cook herself her favourite food. As she eats her steaming bowl of spicy noodles she finds a moment of pure escapism. If only this private moment could last a moment longer.

Made in the heart of lockdown 2020, this is a film about taking the time to nourish one’s self and look at the joy that can come from eating the food you crave.