Meet Amy & Glen

Meet Amy

Amy Morris is Ammo Animation, an award-winning animation producer. She has produced 60+ short animated films and has worked with multiple animation directors.
In 2011 She founded a not-for-profit animation studio, Winding Snake Productions to create access to the professional animation sector and provide development opportunities for up-and-coming animation writer/directors.
Amy loves the work of animation directors PES, Adam Elliott and Leah Shore and gets kicks looking at birds and stroking cats...


Meet Glen

With over 10 years of experience in short film, radio, and animation production, post-production and media education. Glen has been a regular contributor with Winding Snake since its start in 2011, filling various roles including producer, production manager, animator and editor.
Winding Snake credits include Learning to Fly, Bird in a Cage, Newport Gun Girls, Cynefin, Uncle Ahmad's Canaries, Rangoli: Art that Binds, Newport Rock Collecting, Cwch Deilen, A Moment Longer and Marmalade is Missing.
Outside of Winding Snake Glen has credits as an audio editor for BBC Radio Wales and has edited various television broadcast shorts.
Glen is now developing independent shorts and features as a Producer and Director (just don’t use the D word around him).


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